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Book Launch & Signing Tomorrow Night: Polaroids by Miranda Lichtenstein

Tomorrow Night. June 18th from 6-8pm at Dashwood Books, located at 33 Bond Street, New York, Miranda Lichtenstein will be launch and sign her new book Polaroids. The book was printed and bound at Conveyor Arts, and we are super excited to see it finally launch. Be there!

Text via Dashwood Books:

Miranda Lichtenstein’s evolving eleven year project began when she inherited friend Roe Ethridge’s Linhof 4x5 camera with a polaroid back while on a residency in Giverny in 2002, and has continued across five distinct locations around the globe. Often shooting through a textured scrim or in graphic silhouette, Lichtenstein uses the polaroid plane to compose still-lives that slip effortlessly between representation and abstraction. “What’s more, a unique print of a painted object made sense to me conceptually,” she says. “I liked the contradiction of making an instantaneous image of something so labored.” Her mesmerizing layers accrue and dissipate while her surfaces simultaneously shift through her own sense of tradition. The New Yorker writes that “resisting the inflated scale of so much contemporary photography… Lichtenstein nods to the history of still-life photography, but she’s far too inventive to get bogged down in it.

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