Happenings: Victoria Burge at Accola Griefen Gallery

Victoria Burge’s New Work on Paper is currently on view at Accola Griefen Gallery, but only until Saturday, so mark it down on your gallery stops this week! Her pieces beg to be viewed first hand. The installation photographs, and my forthcoming notes, could never give the visual and tactile pleasure it allows in person. 

I was delighted to find opportunity to drop into the Accola Griefen Gallery one recent sunny Saturday afternoon. The gallery is located in the back corner of one of the major Chelsea art complexes, a perfect little nook in which to view Victoria’s work in the quiet manner it deserves.

The show includes ten unique prints that seem almost timeless in their execution. The majority of the pieces are acrylic, pencil, ink and other graphic media overlaying ancient maps and astronomy charts, and other novel antique printed matter. 

While the first set of prints on antique documents romanticize me, the Pixels on the River series push the notion of traditional print-making into a contemporary realm.  

The subtle works are complex in their creation; they are prints that, as I understand it, were created from vector drawings and lazer cut into plexi glass in order to make the impression. The content is inspired by the afterimage that one experiences when looking at the sparkling reflection of sun on water, I couldn’t help but recall this when I was watching the sun rise recently over the the great Lake Superior. Staring at the glittering water, closing and opening my eyes again and again, Burge’s work proved to resonate in a quiet yet lasting way. 

Pixels on the River #3, 2011 { relief printed laser cut }

Victoria Burge was featured on the cover of Conveyor Magazine’s Mapping Issue. Our initial attraction to her work was the unique and intimate approach she mapped and catalogued spaces, be it various cities or the night sky. In the piece featured on the cover, Burge maps by hand, every corner in Manhattan. It also includes the Hudson River, and teeny corner of North Jersey where Conveyor is located!

The cover comes in a special edition CMYK cover.
See some pictures of the issue coming off press below: 

You should get your hands on a copy…
Here: { www.conveyorarts.org/mapping }

Victoria Burge
New Works on Paper
On View Through March 31, 2012

Accola Griefen Gallery
547 W 27th Street, # 634
New York, New York 10001

For More Information Visit: { www.accolagriefen.com }

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