Huang Jingyuan’s The Confucius City and its Museum

I recently discovered The Confucius City and its Museum, a wonderful guide to a fictitisious museum in China, akin to the publications released by the Museum of Jurassic Technology. This publication, which includes a message from the Director of The People’s Museum of Contemporary Art in Confucius City, as well an introduction to Confucius City and The Museum’s collection, was written by Huang Jingyuan.

Huang Jingyuan was educated in the United States and Canada before returning to China to work as an artist and run an alternative art gallery in Beijing. The witty text in The Confucius City and its Museum is illustrated by Huang’s vivid collage work, which combines political, religious and erotic imagery.  The work comes together to addresses the state and the system in a satirical manner that is simultaneously playful and high stakes.

The Confucius City and its Museum is part 88Books’ series of ten zines designed by ten photo-based artists living and working in China. The ten books, each 5 x 7 inches, saddle stitched and 20-odd pages are printed in edition of 120 and represent a portion of the wide range of practices among emerging Chinese artists. 

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