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Sneak Peek of the Mapping Issue!

Thank you to the backers of Conveyor Magazine’s Kickstarter project! We are so appreciative of the support that we thought we ought to give you , we thought we’d share a small sampling of the images and text included in the upcoming Mapping Issue.

Project Series takes a look at Sarah Anne Johnson’s “Arctic Wonderland” … 

Today, the Arctic is a combination of shifting icescapes and a cartography of International laws, which parcel out limited economic zones to five surrounding countries, leaving the middle as an open territory. Johnson explores how these zones define progress, possession, and preservation in a geopolitical world.  - CM

Black Box, 2010.

… and the comprehensive “Mason-Dixon Survey” project by Colin Stearns. 

The Mason-Dixon Line has held a near mythical place in the American psyche since its charting in the 1760s. While it has grown into an intangible cultural division between North and South, it began as a pragmatic solution to a land dispute and was marked by highly physical traces.   - CM


A few from the Group Show - curated from a free & open call for submission: 

John Mann

Dierdre Donohue

Mary Mattingly

The Artist Feature looks at the images and writings of Peter Happel Christian…

Many cartographers and photographers aim to produce consumable images that add to our understanding of the world. What exists beyond the borders of a map or the frame of a photograph is absent from the slipstream of pictures and lost to history and recollection.  

And a little Lori Nix… 

Ok. No more spoilers! The Mapping Issue goes to press in just one week!

We couldn’t be more excited! However, we still have a a ways to go to reach our goal! Help us keep the momentum going, by spreading the word through conversation, blogs, facebook, email and more! 

Just 20 Days Left to Back our Kickstarter project! Help us reach our goal :) 

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